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What i did while i waited for hurricane to pass - oh boy...

What do you do when your facing down possible hurricane

family in hurricaneIt’s been about three or four years since several Hurricanes came thru our town and brought a stop to the belief that people were safe inland. So when the reports came in that tropical storm “fay” was projected to become a level 1 hurricane - lets just say some people went bonkers.

I’m glad it didn’t turn out as bad as it was predicted - but there has been a lot of damage, especially flood damage around all parts of Florida. We did our part to get ready for the storm after that we just had to sit and wait. So what do you do while you wait for the worst and try to keep your family calm?

Here is what I did:

hurricane fayWatched chicken little movie with family
Played black jack with kiki
Played uno w/ kiki
Played with my son
Ate dinner together - early just in case
Relaxed as son played in shower and daughter played her DS
Played battleship w/ kiki
Talk with wife and helped clean up [ she always clean when nervous]
Relax as waiting for next “fay” update
Put the kids to bed - that takes time
Watched two episodes of Eureka then off to bed

All in all, it was a very windy rainy day with lots of water pooling up every where I looked. Thank God it didn’t flood my house but there were some spots around the neighborhood that flooded on some roads and made driving the kids to school today a bit hectic.

1 comment:

mariah said...

in sw arizona we don't have weather like that. rain? what is that?
the only thing we have to wait for is the cool weather.

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